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Selected Articles

I love Jesus Because Jesus is Muslim” A Case Study on the Role of Jesus in Indonesian Inter- and Intra-faith Debates. Journal Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations (ICMR) (July 2020), via:


“Purifying Inodonesia. Purifying Women: The National Commission for Women’s Rights and the 1965-66 anti-Communist Violence,” CrossCurrents Journal (Fall 2019), open access via:

"Indonesian Muslim Feminists: Islamic Reasoning, Rumah Kitab And The Case Of Child Brides," (Winter, 2016), open access via PDF.

"Copts Fully Egyptian but for a Tattoo," (2005), open access via PDF.

"Leadership and Intellectual Humility in the Coptic Church," open access via PDF.

"Betwixt and Between. The Copts of Egypt," (2014), open access via PDF.

"The Pilgrimage to Tembayat: Tradition and Revival in Indonesian Islam" (2001), open access via PDF.

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